Good Reads

Good Recent Articles and Blog posts:

From the National Education Association,, on Paraprofessionals:

By John Rosales

“Paraeducators definitely impact student achievement when they are trained in their job roles and responsibilities and receive appropriate supervision from their teacher…When teacher and paraeducators teams are trained together on particular curriculum or instructional strategies students can make impressive academic gains.”


From With a Brooklyn Accent on Charter Schools in New York:

A letter written by Brian De Vale

“None of the unqualified folks that you consistently  helped obtain waivers  to run the system over the past dozen years… ever possessed the required certification to hold their positions. You seem to be running an affirmative action program for the rich and unqualified.”

From the New Jersey Education Association:

The NJEA has published a chart that shows the estimated time on task for the PARCC assessments, grade by grade, including the March Performance Based Assessments and the April-May End of Year assessments.

Click here to see chart.


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